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Loneliness in a beautiful place

thin places no. 4

string orchestra version - 2016, ca 9-10 minutes


Cover art by Angela Bermúdez.

excerpt 2: fast and flowing

excerpt 1: slow and passionate

full recording:

Composed originally for the Wyoming Festival - New Music in the Mountains as a string quartet. Winner of the 2017 ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award. Orchestrated and conducted by the composer, performed by USC musicians.


Winner of Delirium Musicum’s Call for Score 2019. Performed by the ensemble at Boston Court, Pasadena, Feb. 2019:

Instrumentation - string orchestra

vlns I+II, vla, vcl, db - (divisi a 2 only)

program note

Beautiful places and spaces are inherently mysterious. It is this sense of mystery that imbues these places with a deep calm, especially when alone. The music in Loneliness in a Beautiful Place creates a landscape of questions, with voices that hold their notes (especially trills) for a very long time, before discovering some sort of melodic answer. A chorale hints at something deeper. Near the end the music embraces the landscape, literally scaling up a mountain of notes, before returning to meditation. It is my intention here not to depict the landscape in music, but rather the sense of exploring it.

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