Loneliness in a beautiful place

thin places no. 4

string quartet version - 2016, ca 9-10 minutes

(click here for the string orchestra version)


Composed for the Wyoming Festival - New Music in the Mountains. Premiered by musicians from The Grand Teton Festival Orchestra (Holly Mulcahy - violin, Mary Corbett - violin, Anna Kruger - viola, Amy Leung - cello). Premier performances in Grand Teton National Park.


Recorded by the Argus Quartet.

instrumtation - string quartet

2vln, vla, vcl

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program note

Beautiful places and spaces are inherently mysterious. It is this sense of mystery that imbues these places with a deep calm, especially when alone. The music in Loneliness in a Beautiful Place creates a landscape of questions with voices that hold their notes (especially trills) for a very long time, before discovering some sort of melodic answer. A chorale hints at something deeper. Near the end the music embraces the landscape, literally scaling up a mountain of notes, before returning to meditation. It is my intention here not to depict the landscape in music, but rather the sense of exploring it.