sylvan tale

Cinematic Fantasy no. 2

for orchestra - 2013, ca 11-12 minutes


excerpt 1: peaceful opening, pastoral

excerpt 2: mysterious, magical

excerpt 3: action, resolution, victory

full recording:

Commissioned for the "Northwestern University At the Movies" concert, 2013. Performed by NU musicians, conducted by Eli Chen.


Instrumentation - full orchestra

2Fl(1dPc), 2Ob, 2Cl, 2Bsn. 4Hn, 3Trp, 2Tbn, BTbn, Tuba. Timp, 2Perc, Hp, Pno(dCel). Strings. Instrumentation can be reduced at the music director's discretion.

click below to see score:

program note

The request for this commission was for me to compose a piece that had an overtly film music style, and told a musical journey for the audience. While the listeners are invited to let their own imaginations react to the music, I composed the work with 4 narrative episodes in mind. We first hear a idyllic, pastoral setting, with a simple, lullaby-like theme. Then, the music follows the imaginary protagonist into a mysterious, forest like setting. The music exchanges passages between bright harp and celeste with muted brass and wandering woodwinds. Then suddenly the music shifts into an action scene; something dangerous has appeared and a battle ensues with percussion and special effects. Lastly, after a quiet aftermath, the music returns to the pastoral setting, with a victory fanfare and a quiet sunset.