for orchestra - 2011, ca 15 minutes


excerpt 2: slow, mysterious, calm

excerpt 1: agitato and climactic

full recording:

Performed by the Northwestern University Symphony Orchestra. Winner of Northwestern's Orchestral Composition Competition (2010), 3rd place for the American Prize in student orchestral works (2014), and finalist for the Morton Gould Young Composer Awards.


instrumentation - full orchestra

3(3=pc),2,3(3=bcl),3(3=cbsn). 4331. Timp+4*. Hp, Pno, Strings.

*version for 3 percussionists available

program note

The music in SUPERIMPOSE is constructed from many small ideas and themes being constantly layered and interchanged with each other. The piece opens with these ideas combining to form a leviathan-like texture of brute force and earth-shaking intent. Eventually the musical materials blow each other apart, and a calm mood takes over. The themes and motives are heard as lonely, isolated characters, searching for something elsewhere. A third large section begins with my ideas once again merging into a behemoth sound, this time putting themselves together with a more noble and victorious result.

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