slow dance

for soprano and piano - 2014, ca 4-5 minutes

text by david st. john


full recording:

Composed for the Free University Berlin composition course with Samuel Adler. Premiered and recorded by Donna Lee (sop.) and Stefan Paul (pno.).

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program note

􀀚􀀤􀀡􀀁􀀰􀀡􀀴􀀰􀀁􀀥􀀯􀀁􀀝􀀠􀀝􀀬􀀰􀀡􀀠􀀁􀀞􀀵􀀁􀀰􀀤􀀡􀀁􀀟􀀫􀀩􀀬􀀫􀀯􀀡􀀮􀀁􀀢􀀮􀀫􀀩􀀁􀀒􀀝􀀲􀀥􀀠􀀁􀀙􀀰􀀆􀀁􀀕􀀫􀀤􀀪􀀷􀀯􀀁􀀬􀀫􀀡􀀩􀀁􀀸􀀙􀀨􀀫􀀳􀀁􀀒􀀝􀀪􀀟􀀡􀀅􀀹􀀁The text is adapted by the composer from David St. John's poem "Slow Dance," which can be found in Mr. St. John's collections Hush (1976) and Study for the World's Body (1994). The words as they appear in this song are:


It is an act of grace & disgust.

A slow dance. To get along.

We know lovers who quarrel

At a party stay in the cool trajectory

Of the other's glance,

Spinning through pockets of conversation, sliding in and out

Betweeen us all until they brush

Back to back, and the one hooks

An ankle around the other's foot.

And we begin

Once more to move: Place to place. Hand

To smoother and more lovely hand. A slow dance. To get along.

Yet, you want none of it. Only, to return

To the countryside.

You turn your back to any other life

And everyone simply dances away.

􀀳􀀤􀀥􀀟􀀤􀀁􀀟􀀝􀀪􀀁􀀞􀀡􀀁􀀢􀀫􀀱􀀪􀀠􀀁􀀥􀀪􀀁􀀖􀀮􀀆􀀁􀀙􀀰􀀆􀀁􀀕􀀫􀀤􀀪􀀷􀀯􀀁􀀟􀀫􀀨􀀨􀀡􀀟􀀰􀀥􀀫􀀪􀀯􀀁􀀅􀀑􀀏􀀋􀀁 􀀃􀀈􀀍􀀌􀀋􀀄􀀂􀀁 􀀝􀀪􀀠􀀁􀀆􀀐􀀑􀀈􀀒􀀁􀀊􀀍􀀎􀀁􀀐􀀋􀀉􀀁

􀀇􀀍􀀎􀀌􀀈􀀓􀀏􀀁􀀄􀀍􀀈􀀒􀀁 􀀃􀀈􀀍􀀍􀀊􀀄􀀃􀀁 􀀚􀀤􀀡􀀁􀀳􀀫􀀮􀀠􀀯􀀁􀀝􀀯􀀁􀀰􀀤􀀡􀀵􀀁􀀝􀀬􀀬􀀡􀀝􀀮􀀁􀀥􀀪􀀁􀀰􀀤􀀥􀀯􀀁􀀯􀀫􀀪􀀣􀀁􀀝􀀮􀀡􀀎􀀁