rest and restless

for double bass - 2015, ca 12 minutes

(click here for the orchestra version)


excerpt 1: dark and deep - rumbling

excerpt 2: peaceful, melody and drone

excerpt 3: fast, shimmering, climactic

full recording:

Composed for and premiered by Ryan Baird:

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Program note

To be honest, it proves difficult for me to write an introductory note for REST AND RESTLESS as I feel that the piece manages to adequately speak for itself, or maybe I am simply unable to adequately speak for it. I suppose if I were to boil the piece down to some sort of artistic label I would use the term "emotional landscape." The music slowly alternates, pendulum-like, from low angst-broodings to brighter hopes, back and forth, but without letting either mood "win" over the other. Perhaps it is the feeling of lying in bed at night, yet unable to sleep. Or it is the quasi-dream before sleep, when feelings turn into dreams and back again. For whatever reason, after writing the piece I came across this quote, written by a concert goer and amateur musician, that seems to at least glance what the piece expresses in my ears:


“the will is the string, its frustration or impediment the vibration of the string, knowledge the sounding-board, and pain the sound.” - Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)


Pain, yes, but also a warm healing - being pressed to go forward.