Symphonic Poem No. 2

orchestra version - 2015, ca 13 minutes

(click here for sinfonietta version)


instrumentation - full orchestra

3(3=pc), 3(3=eh), 3(3=bcl), 3(3=cbsn). 4330. 2perc. pno. strings

click here for a recording of the sinfonietta version

program note

Ouroboros is a juxtaposition between the never-ending activity, energy, and movement of our world against a lone user trying to make his/her way through it. I depict the energy ideas as ostinato gestures throughout the winds and strings, though the texture is delineated between sounding pitches and nonpitched techniques (key-clicks, bowing on bridge, air streams). Against this, the cello and bass carry a somber tune through the introduction – a slow and sustained sound that contributes an emotional, humanizing element. The piece unfolds as a gradual development of these textures, and although there are some uplifting relief-moments that shine through, I consider this to be my most depressing piece. I think of this music as in a constant state of cycle, devouring and recreating itself over and over, until the brass eventually crush the ensemble as things build to the conclusion. 

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