Here you'll find excerpts from scores I've written for film and game projects, along with pieces that are written with a style suitable for media soundtracks. For the ease of browsing, each track is labeled with an emotional adjective describing the mood of the piece. Also, please check out the JOURNEY LIVE page for information about my live concert work with austin wintory’s score to the game Journey (2012).

Compilation Suite

A 15 minute compilation of excerpts presented back to back. Full versions below in the playlists.


the lights beyond the gate (colors beyond)

performed by the Hollywood Studio Symphony.


rest and restless (emotional landscape)


loneliness in a beautiful place (music for mysterious places)


Thinking about you (film: sci-fi drama, weird romance)


Transmute (film: identity drama, sorrowful and hopeful)


dust (game: adventure, exploration)


Ouroboros (orchestral: dreamlike abyss)


Night glider (game: top-down platformer)


uncanny valley (film: sci-fi, adventure)


Head or tail (film: black comedy, weird sci-fi)


The garden (Film: relationshiop drama)


Even in Paradise (orchestraL: surreal gardens)


apart/ment (film: relationship drama)


reveal (game: thriller, horror)


catching up (film: coming of age drama, instrumental rock)


over the years (electronic ambient cue)


Island Sanctuary (solo cello electronic cue - bizarre game feeling)


journey live (game: concert version of music by austin wintory)


batman reassembled (film: lego-batman fanfilm, action)