Cinematic Fantasy No. 1

for orchestra - 2011, ca 7 minutes


excerpt 1: Peaceful, Hopeful

full recording:

excerpt 2: Victorious, Climactic

Recording by the American Academy of Conducting at Aspen orchestra (Raul Gómez-Rojas, cond.). Winner of the Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra's Composition Competition 2017. 


Instrumentation - Full Orchestra

Pc, 2Fl, 3Ob, 2Cl, BCl, 2Bsn, CBsn. 4Hn, 3Trp, 2Tbn, BTbn, Tuba. Timp, 2Perc, Hp. Strings

Instrumentation can be reduced at the conductor's discretion. 


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Program note

Aurora is a shamelessly cinematic work for orchestra that was conceived while I was on an overnight flight across the continental United States. Unable to sleep, I stared out my window for hours watching the slow arrival of dawn come up above the clouds - from the faintest glow of the red sky out of the darkness, to the great majesty of the sunrise. This piece is the musical response to that inspiring image. The title Aurora is taken from the poetic meaning of the word, referring to dawn personified as a supernatural, heavenly deity.